Snow talk: the forecast and a little fun

Snow talk: the forecast and a little fun

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Al Conklin has a great personality, he's a good guy, and he takes his craft very seriously.  Even so, he's really a lot of fun to work with at WBTV.

Right now he's in it up to his neck in working to create an accurate forecast for the WBTV viewing area with the approaching winter storm.  As you can imagine, his job doesn't stop when he leaves the studio.  Instantly recognizable just about anywhere he goes, he graciously stops to answer questions from viewers, especially when bad weather is on the way.

On Wednesday, I decided to throw him a few questions, and these are questions that I have really gotten while covering bad weather.  Here's our email exchange:

Hey Al, a bunch of people on Facebook are saying we might get some snow tonight. Is that right? How much? When? Wet snow or dry? Good for snow cream? Are we having school? Why? Is the road in front of my house going to be bad? When can I get out? Will there be rain? Ice? What day is it going to be sunny? What's the temperature at my house?

Al's reply was brief and to the point:

Yes to every question!

So, we'll hunker down to see what happens, and seriously, here's Al's latest forecast:

All areas are now under a Winter Storm Warning from 4PM Today until 7AM Thursday morning.

Mostly cloudy and cold today. Highs will be in the mid 40s. Toward evening the big storm system lumbering across the Southeast will approach the WBTV viewing area. It will likely begin as rain for most areas during the evening commute, before quickly changing over to snow for most of the time tonight, lingering through early Thursday morning. Some of the snow this evening will fall heavily!

Al thinks Rowan County is a prime location for some of the heaviest snow in the WBTV viewing area. He's predicting 4 to 8 inches from Rowan County and spots north and east toward Raleigh. Some lucky snow-lover could wind up with even more if no rain mixes in and the snow comes down heavy enough tonight

Thursday will stay damp and cold with afternoon readings holding in the 30s

By Friday, we will be dry again but it will be chilly with highs in the 40s lingering through the weekend.

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