Man with assault history strikes deputy in jail after arguing over cup of juice

Man with assault history strikes deputy in jail after arguing over cup of juice

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A man awaiting trial in the Rowan County jail is now facing new charges, accused of hitting a detention officer, and it's not the first time.

According to the report at the Rowan Sheriff's Office, Deputy Daniel Austin was passing out food trays to inmates in the Rowan Detention Center last week when he approached the cell occupied by Reginal Antonio Jones.

Jones was being held under $41,000 bond on several charges, including assault on a female and assault on a government official.

When Austin passed Jones food tray through the trap door, Jones handed it back and empty juice cup and told Austin to fill the cup again with juice from another inmate's cup. Austin refused, and when he did, Jones slapped Austin's hand, according to the report.

Investigators say a similar incident happened last month in which Jones hit Deputy D.O. Salgado after Salgado had approached the door to Jones cell to get his food tray.

In that incident, Jones refused to return the tray and slapped Salgado's hand, slamming it against the food tray. The report states that Jones also threatened Salgado, telling him that he hoped he would see the deputy on the street, that he was going to kill him, and that he hoped Salgado's mother died.

A check of Jones criminal record shows five assault convictions in the last fifteen years. Captain John Sifford said that made it possible for Jones to qualify for habitual status where he would face stiffer penalties.

In the incident involving Deputy Austin, Jones was charged with assault on a government official and habitual misdemeanor assault.