Think Fast: Armed Robbery

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - In this morning's Think Fast report, WBTV talked to experts about what you should do if you become the victim of a robbery attempt.

Self defense guru Marti Miller says the first rule of staying safe during a robbery is to comply with the robber's demands.

"They are already at the point where they have the money, give them the money," Miller said.

Miller added that if a robber wants your car or purse you should agree to give it to them verbally and then do it.

If the robber is unarmed, Miller said you should throw what they are after, forcing the robber to turn their back and giving you time to run. "He has to go that way now. While he is going to get it, you can be halfway down the block," said Miller.

If the robber goes after you, do what you can to keep them from taking you to another location. Screaming for help or trying to kick the robber's knee cap might just give you the chance to get away.

Police say your first priority should be to safely end the encounter as quickly as possible.

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