VIDEO: Little boy proposes to princesses during trip to Disney

VIDEO: Little boy proposes to princesses during trip to Disney

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Video of a little boy from Virginia is getting some traction online after his last visit to Disney World resulted in a marriage proposal, or seven!

Parker Schoberl lives in southeastern Virginia where his mom, a professional musician turned stay-at-home mom, has a mommy blog online.

Jenny Schoberl says her family is "lucky enough to be able to go to Disney World in Florida every year. In order to keep things as MAGICAL and new as we can, we're always coming up with fun things to do and say when we meet the characters."

Past excursions have included things like asking Donald Duck why he never wears pants to going on a scavenger hunt with Dug and Russell (from "Up").

"My 5-year-old son, Parker, LOVES the Disney princesses, and who could blame him? Every year he looks forward to meeting them because they dote on him and make him feel special," she wrote in her blog.

"Before our most recent trip, one morning I was joking around and said 'Hey Parker! You should totally propose to the princesses this year!' thinking he'd snort at the idea, and much to my surprise, he started jumping up and down. He was IN!"

So once they got to Disney, he popped the question to six princesses, one queen, and a fairy.

Turns out... one said "yes."

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