Brrrrr! County deals with cold weather woes

Workers labor into the night trying to fix broken water mains

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Just off the still frozen tundra that is Fleming Road, Shirley Cuthbertson is relying on neighbors to help with a problem he noticed first thing this morning.

"Water quit coming inside, there wasn't no water inside," Cuthbertson told WBTV. " Turn the spigot on, turn the switch on and there wasn't no water coming."

The well was frozen and his neighbor Bob was replacing it for him.

"Put a new switch and get some heat to it," Cuthbertson added.

And what you see in front of Cuthbertson's house is a road that's dry and clear that then turns treacherous.

"This is the first time it's done it," Cuthbertson said. "Yes sir, it don't freeze up much, this is as cold as we ever had down here on this end."

There are lots of roads like that in the county, and that's why school buses stayed parked again today.

The extreme cold weather also meant the Red Cross opened a warming station, and it will be available again tonight for anyone who may need to get out of the cold.

"Weather change does have a big impact on people's thinking. People, especially men, don't really think about their needs until it's necessary and I'm one to say I'm pretty much the same way," Thread Shed owner Dave Loflin told WBTV.

The Thread Shed downtown sells mostly uniforms for emergency workers, but also coats, boots, and headwear.

Loflin he's seen quite a few customers this week spurred to shop by the cold snap.

"You don't think about that winter coat until it's really cold outside and you don't think about those shorts until it's really hot outside."