BLOG: Next Winter Storm?

BLOG: Next Winter Storm?

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - With all this cold air in place it would seem like the stage is set for more winter storms to head our way.  There's an old saying:  Snow breeds snow.

Once the snow is on the ground, that ice pack can often help to keep the atmosphere cold enough long enough for the next storm to arrive and drop more wintry weather on us.  In this case, we don't have a whole lot of ice and snow on the ground, so the impact from this last storm will be minimal, but perhaps not zero.

The next system we are watching is due to arrive here Saturday (brief snow showers on Wednesday notwithstanding).  The picture I attached clearly shows snowfall running up through Tennessee, Virginia, the North Carolina Mountains and perhaps even lower elevations east of the mountains.

What appears to be clear already though is snowfall is unlikely anywhere near Charlotte from this system.  But freezing rain is possible.  One model right now keeps our afternoon and evening temperatures above freezing, in the mid and upper 30's.  But another reliable model keeps our surface temperatures just below freezing which would obviously be a problem.

Right now we are leaning toward above freezing temperatures and thus, avoiding an icy Saturday.  But we're still four days away, and only talking about an adjustment of four or five degrees before this whole forecast changes drastically.

We'll continue to watch this like a hawk and fine tune the forecast as the weekend approaches. And you keep an eye on us, either on the air, online, on your mobile or on social media!