BLOG: Sleet is holding back the freezing rain

BLOG: Sleet is holding back the freezing rain

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - It is still too celebrate just yet as we have another four to five hours of precipitation to endure overnight, but areas around the greater Charlotte region have been seeing more sleet than freezing rain to this point which is keeping the threat of power outages lower.

Colder air actually favors sleet as it is typically deeper, say three to four thousand feet high. With that much subfreezing air, it gives the melted snow aloft a chance to refreeze before landing.

Thus, those little ice pellets bounce off the trees and branches and land on the ground.

While this still creates hazardous driving conditions, it doesn't weigh down the trees and power lines causing them to snap. Temperatures on the northern end of Mecklenburg County for example are in the low 20s.

On the southern end and into the upstate of SC, temperatures are in the upper 20s to near 30. A higher risk of freezing rain remains here due to the shallower layer of subfreezing air.

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