Nettie Reeves: Be my "Workout" Valentine

Nettie Reeves: Be my workout Valentine

Put health first on Valentine's Day by working out with your loved one. Nettie Reeves stopped by WBTV News Saturday Morning to share her "Be My Workout Valentine" routine.



Leg Press - Partner 1 lying on back with feet on the back of Partner 2. Partner 1 bends the knees allowing the weight of Partner 2 to create resistance. Partner 1 presses the legs back to Partner 2's standing position. Repeat 8 times for 3 sets. Reverse.

Partner Squats - Partner 1 stands behind Partner 2 with arms extended. Partner 2 clasps fingers of Partner 1. Both squat together. Repeat until 1 partner breaks.

Lunge Back/Forth - Partners face one another with arms extended and palms touching. Partner 1 lunges forward with left leg, and presses Partner 2's arms to bending position. Partner 2 lunges backward with right leg. Repeat 8 times, reverse legs then reverse roles.


Plank with shoulder touch - Both partners face one another in full plank position. Together they reach with opposing hands to touch Partner's shoulder

Plank Sit Up - Partner 1 gets in sit up position and Partner 2 gets in plank position. Each holds the other's ankles. Partner 1 does a sit up as Partner 2 does down dog.

Pushup/Sit Up - Partner 1 gets in push up position holding on to Partner 2's ankles. Partner 2 lays on back with knees bent in sit up position. Partner 1 does push as Partner 2 does sit up simultaneously. Kiss when reach the top.

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