Why should you drive a Toyota SUV in N Charlotte?

Why should you drive a Toyota SUV in N Charlotte?
N Charlotte Toyota Highlander
N Charlotte Toyota Highlander
If you’re on the fence about buying a Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), Toyota of N Charlotte can help! SUVs are popular options for many drivers, but we understand they’re not for everyone. There are a ton of other options to choose from, including sedans and trucks. However, SUVs have unique offerings that you won’t get from any other type of vehicle. We’re explaining why you might want to consider buying a new Toyota SUV near Charlotte!

Toyota of N Charlotte explains what makes SUVs unique!

Drivers might choose to drive a new Toyota SUV in N Charlotte for a number of reasons. These vehicles offer a ton of benefits to drivers, including:
One of the biggest reasons drivers choose a Toyota SUV instead of another type of car, such as a sedan, is because of the extra space they have to offer. You can get the space of a minivan without sacrificing style.  For example, the Toyota Highlander in N Charlotte offers seating for up to eight people and a ton of cargo space. This new Toyota is also extremely versatile, as it has flexible seating that can be folded down to make even more cargo space! 
Another big reason you may want to buy a Toyota SUV in N Charlotte is because of safety. Not only do they offer top-notch performance features to help you stay safe on uncertain roads, they’re also taller and have heavier builds than most other vehicles on the road! In addition, our new Toyota are packed with some of the best safety features to help keep you as safe as possible while on the road!

Get enhanced performance from a Toyota SUV!

A big selling point for SUVs is the performance they have to offer. With many of them offering features like four-wheel drive, you can more easily take on tough road conditions, such as snow and rain. Some of our Toyota options are even made to go off the road, which means obstacles on the road are a breeze!
Off roading
From the beginning, SUVs have been known for their ability to go off-roading. You can easily find a Toyota SUV in N Charlotte with the off-roading capabilities you need. The Toyota 4Runner is ready for the challenge with features like four-wheel drive, Active Traction Control, CRAWL Control, Multi-Terrain Select, and more! Plus, it’s built with a sturdy body-on-frame construction, so it never folds under pressure!
A Toyota SUV offers you the best of both worlds: a spacious ride and the power to tow! You don’t have to own a Toyota truck to tow the boat or trailer you need. The Toyota Sequoia near Charlotte can tow up to 7,500 lbs. and offers features like Tow/Haul Mode and Trailer-Sway Control! 
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