What to do if you're the victim of vandalism to your vehicle

What to do if you're the victim of vandalism to your vehicle

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Nearly twenty drivers on the same rural road in Rowan County got an unpleasant surprise when their cars were struck by rocks, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Two 14 year olds were arrested, but what does it mean for the drivers, and who is responsible for the damage?

The background is that drivers on Red Road near Crescent Road in eastern Rowan were struck by rocks over a period of weeks.  There are at least 17 reports, including one deputy's patrol car.

Now that two have been charged you may think that the parents of those kids should pay, and that's one option.  Of course, in court they may be ordered to cover the damage, but that could take months to be resolved.  

WBTV did speak to an insurance agent and she gave me some good advice about exactly what to do if you are the victim of vandalism.

"If one of my policy holders had called me and told me that their car had been hit by rocks and vandalized it, I would ask them if they called the police, if not I would ask them to get a police report, then what I would do is make sure of course that they had comprehensive on their policy, which covers fire, theft, vandalism, and glass breakage, and I would report it to my claims department," said Kim Pryor, who is a Nationwide Insurance agent in Granite Quarry.  "Not everybody has it (Comprehensive coverage) and if you don't then it would come out of your pocket, the repairs.  It is a good coverage to have, I would encourage everyone that comes in to definitely take that coverage out."

Captain John Sifford at the Rowan Sheriff's Office said that if you believe that your car may have been struck on Red Road, you should contact the sheriff's office at 704-216-8700 and make a report.