Think Fast: Home invasion

Think Fast: Home invasion

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Every day, people find themselves in situations they never expect to be in.

In our special series, Think Fast, we let you experience these dangerous scenarios before they actually happen to you.

Our goal is to make sure you're prepared and know what to do if your life is on the line.

Monday morning, we discuss what you should do if someone breaks into your house while you are home.

John Shocknesse with CPI Security, told WBTV that in the vast majority of home invasions burglars are simply looking for a quick heist.

That is why he said the best thing to do is get to a safe place, call 911, and make a lot of noise.

"The idea is to make as much noise as possible and get them scared off as quickly as possible," Shocknesse said.

Of course, having a good alarm system can also help scare off an intruder.

Even so, if your family is home when someone breaks-in, Shocknesse said you should have a well-rehearsed plan and execute it.

"A burglar alarm or burglar plan is not different than a fire plan," Shocknesse told WBTV. "If you have a fire, you want to have a plan in place to get out safely. With a burglar plan, if somebody is in there (your home), you want to make sure the kids are okay and get everyone together as quickly as possible."

And what about defending your family?

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Officer Jason Reeves said every person has the right to protect themselves and their family. However, if you have a gun and shoot, you'll have to be able to explain to authorities why you felt your life was in danger.

"Is it active aggression? Is this person, the way he is acting, is he going to try to kill me? Is he going to try to hurt me? And you have to determine whether he, if he is there to just steal something or do harm to you personally," Reeves said.

Keep that in mind in case an intruder targets your home.

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