'Then and now' photos of brothers go viral on Reddit

'Then and now' photos of brothers go viral on Reddit

(WBTV) - It's said a picture is worth a thousand words, but the photos that three brothers recreated for their mom's Christmas present are easily worth ten times that.

Matt MacMillan and his two brothers got together to recreate some old photographs from their childhood and surprise their mom with a calendar of pictures for Christmas.

"My mom has asked for calendars for Christmas in the past and my brothers and I enjoy taking goofy pictures and had seen some good reenactment pictures so we figured we would combine the two," MacMillan said. "Plus, it's the gift that keeps on giving all year round."

So Matt, his youngest brother Ian, and their middle brother decided to take some time off work and school to recreate the moments. Little did they know that after Christmas, the photos would go viral when they were posted on Reddit.

"My parents took a ton of pictures of us as kids so we had lots of photo albums' worth of pictures to choose from," MacMillan said. "We planned to do it about one month in advance so we had time to collect the items."

The trio, with help from dad, took the day to get the photos just right.

"It helped that my parents still live in our childhood home," MacMillan said.

You can't make a family calendar without including dad. MacMillan says his dad was completely on-board with the plan.

"Especially since he knew my mom would love it. I was just glad he still had the same pajamas and robe from 18 years ago," he joked.

But matching their own outfits and costumes was a different story.

"A lot of the props were the same ones from our childhood, but we had to recreate others like the ninja turtle stuff and inspector gadget clothes," MacMillan said. "We searched through half a dozen thrift stores trying to find the best clothes that matched."

Mom, Vickie, loved her surprise Christmas gift.

"She laughed until she cried. My biggest regret is not getting video of her reaction," MacMillan said. "I'm not sure how we top this for next year, although we've all talked about reenacting the same pictures another 20 years from now."

So how are the brothers dealing with their viral fame?

"We think it's odd that 2 million people have seen the three of us in a bathtub as fully grown men," MacMillan joked.

He says it's hard to say which one of them is the biggest goofball, calling it a "three-way" tie.

But don't expect to see a follow up any time soon, MacMillan says there are no new shenanigans in the works.

"We're one hit wonders."

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