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Deputy's cruiser falls victim to teens on "adrenalin rush" in rock throwing spree

(David Whisenant | WBTV) (David Whisenant | WBTV)
(David Whisenant | WBTV) (David Whisenant | WBTV)

It didn't help the rock throwing vandals that one of their targets was the patrol car driven by Rowan County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Barkley.  As both victim and investigator, Barkley had even more incentive to put an end to a costly and annoying menace that was striking drivers on Red Road in eastern Rowan County.

On Thursday Barkley charged two 14 year old boys with twelve counts each of injury to personal property.

According to the report, Deputy Barkley was driving on Red Road on December 10 when he heard a loud pop as if something had hit his patrol car. Thinking it was just something thrown up from the road, Barkley didn't pay it too much attention, until later when he noticed the chip missing from the window above the passenger side door.

Barkley then noticed that numerous reports were coming in at the sheriff's office about similar incidents of vehicles being hit by rocks along the same stretch of road.

Deputy Barkley then spent more time on Red Road, and was even able to find a covert spot to stop and observe the area.  This led to Barkley being able to develop the two young men as suspects in the case, and then to bring the charges on Thursday.

According to the report, when the boys were being charged they were asked why they committed the acts.  They replied "for the adrenalin rush."

Damage amounts varied from vehicle to vehicle.  Barkley's patrol car was damaged in the amount of $300, while a Honda Pilot suffered $1500 worth of damage.

Investigators say there were at least a dozen cases, and probably several more that were not actually reported.

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