HUD's "Point In Time" survey to determine number of homeless people in Rowan

HUD's "Point In Time" survey to determine number of homeless people in Rowan

How many homeless people are there in Rowan County on any given night?

Information collected on Wednesday could help the community and local agencies to gain an accurate idea of how many folks are without homes.

Volunteers and Rowan County agencies that serve homeless individuals have been asking where people were they slept on the night of January 28. The volunteers are trying to identify homeless individuals and families.

HUD, the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, asks each county in the U. S. to count homeless individuals and families on the last Wednesday night on odd numbered years.

In North Carolina the count is done each year. The count, officially called the Point-in-Time (PIT) and Housing Inventory Count (HIC) is organized locally.

The lead agency in 2015 in Rowan County is Rowan Helping Miniseries.

The count is for both Sheltered and Unsheltered individuals and families.

Since 2012 students from Catawba College, majoring in Sociology, interviewed guests at Rowan Helping Ministries. These students asked a series of questions of each guest in an effort to identify trends and needs common among this population.

This year HUD is focusing on Homeless Veterans and the Chronically Homeless as a target population. A person is Chronically Homeless if they have been continuously homeless for more than one year or homeless four times in the last three years. 

The 2014 count showed 184 homeless individuals on that one night in Rowan County. The numbers for the 2015 count will not be final for several days.