WBTV Speak Out Editorial: CMS - Looking for the Right Leader

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: CMS - Looking for the Right Leader
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Wanted: an effective leader….

The Charlotte-Mecklenburg school district is once again searching for a new Superintendent.

This time around, we hope the right person is chosen. 

Right now, we believe CMS is in a good place...thanks in large part to Deputy Superintendent Ann Clark - who was just named Superintendent.

Clark can guide the ship while the process plays out.

She has told the Board she doesn't want to be considered for the top job.

That shows that being Superintendent is no cake walk.

Still, we're glad there is no rush to find Charlotte's next top educator.

The Board learned from the drama the last Superintendent left us.

They can take their time…and let the community weigh in.

We need a Superintendent who will be here for a while.

Board members say this time around they will travel to a candidate's district to find out what type of leader he or she is.

We're also glad to hear the School Board will change the Superintendent's evaluation process.

It will include input from staff.

This way, Board members will know sooner rather than later how the Superintendent is leading.

We hope CMS will choose a leader who can get the job done.

145 thousand or so students are depending on it.

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