Did your password make the top 25 list?

Is your password easy to guess?

The most common passwords used are still pretty common. "Password" and "123456" may be easy to remember but they are likely making it very easy for hackers to get into your account if you're using them.

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - SplashData released it's annual "Worst Passwords List." WBTV Cyber Expert Theresa Payton shared the list with us. She says in the top 25 this year there are sports themed passwords like "baseball" and "football" and passwords like "dragon" related to favorite TV shows like Game of Thrones.

Payton explains how the list is compiled and how you can keep your password off of it. Her advice follows.

How do they know?

They look at all the leaked ids and passwords published online.

They looked at over 3 million passwords this year.

Some key findings:

  1. Most of the hacked and popular passwords were 6 character long or shorter
  2. Many of them were just a word
  3. People were consumed with baseball or football - new additions and very popular
  4. Passwords such as superman, batman, and dragon were new on the top 25 list this year

Tips to protect yourself are:

  1. Do NOT use any passwords on the top 25 list
  2. Think "passphrase" vs. a word, it's harder to guess
  3. Insert a special character and a number to help make it hard to crack - example: "P@nthersSuperBowl2016!"
  4. Do NOT recycle and use the same password on multiple accounts
  5. If you hear your favorite app, website, or service provider has been hacked, change your password

Word of the week - GONER

Goner means your email and protection is a "goner". The infected e-mail has the word "Hi" as its subject and body text which reads "When I saw this screen saver, I immediately thought about you. I am in a harry (sic), I promise you will love it." Its attachment is labelled "gone.scr." The file will then mass email itself and it tries to disable any antivirus programs that it finds.

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