Chip and PIN vs chip and signature

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Last year could have been called the year of the hack.

Customer credit cards compromised at Target, Michaels and several other retailers may have left many shoppers wondering if it is safe to pay with plastic.

Our cyber expert says some of the major credit card companies, who originally planned to go with a "chip and PIN" system for all card holders starting this year are now rethinking that plan.

Theresa Payton says many US companies have worried that adding a PIN requirement at the point of sale would slow down lines and frustrate customers. So, instead of requiring CHIP AND PIN, it'll be CHIP and SIGNATURE.

Theresa Payton, of Fortalice Solutions, shares her advice below:


1. That chip-based card will be inserted into the terminal vs. swiping

2. The card stays in the terminal until you sign for your purchase (don't forget your card!)

3. When you get your new card, this is a good time to set up new security measures:

a. a unique email address for the card

b. a strong, unique password

c. 2 factor authentication, if available

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