Housework Workout with Nettie Reeves

You can work toward becoming lean in 2015 in just a quarter of an hour.

Nettie Reeves stopped by for another fitness segment on WBTV News Saturday Morning. She shared the following routine.

1. Choose your favorite BROOM

2. Warm up by sweeping the ?oor

A. Dynamic Curl - w/mixed grip, lift broom end, switch hands up, back and forth

B. Barbarian Squat - standing w/broom behind neck, squat while bringing broom to front

C. Spear Stabs - hold broom like you would a spear, thrust like an ancient warrior

D. Grave Digger - hold broom like a shovel, dig a hole in the ground

E. Splitting Wood - pretend like your a lumberjack, switch sides

F. Clean & Press - hold broom arm's length apart, squat and lift with arms overhead

3. Continue sweeping the ?oor

Eat Clean - whole foods, lean protein, fruits and vegetables!

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