WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Hall of Fame's 2nd Chance

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Hall of Fame's 2nd Chance

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Normally, in our SpeakOut Editorials, we look at a situation that affects our viewers and we offer a possible solution.

But today, we're a bit perplexed.

You see, Charlotte's City Council has just approved an agreement that forgives more than $22 million of debt incurred by the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

The brunt of it will be absorbed by two big banks, NASCAR will lose out on some royalties, and the city will fork over $5 million to offset a bit of the banks' losses.

It's all designed to help the Hall of Fame break even each year.

Problem is, even with all of this financial manipulation, the Hall is still projected to lose up to $500,000 per year.

What makes our city leaders think that's going to improve?

That's the $22 million question.

So, Charlotte taxpayers…bank shareholders…NASCAR fans…and residents within 200 miles of the Queen City…

What would make you want to visit the NASCAR Hall of Fame?...And what else could help make the Hall turn a profit?

How can we turn the NASCAR White Elephant into a thriving Cash Cow?

It's in all of our best interests to see the project turn around and become a tourism destination and financial success.

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