VIDEO: Group transforms stroller into Batmobile for super-fan

VIDEO: Group transforms stroller into Batmobile for super-fan

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - One super-fan of the Dark Knight is going viral after a group built him the collectable of a lifetime. His very own stroller for his son in the shape of the Batmobile.

The tricked-out stroller was the creation of a group on the AWE me channel from Break. The show, Super-fan Builds makes dreams come true for fans who have things they want built.

Josh Earl's wife submitted a video to the group saying he was an ultimate fan of Batman and had dozens of collectibles in their home.

"As you go down to his office there is Batman everywhere. The hallways have Batman, the door to his office has a Batman symbol on it. Batman all over the shelves, so he's definitely a Batman super-fan," she said.

She says the couple has a son named Collin and he's following in his father's footsteps.

"I can already see the Batman nerdiness is rubbing off on him," she joked. "When he was 18-months-old some of his first words were just singing the Batman song."

She asked the group to create something Batman related that John and Collin could play with together.

What better than the Batmobile. You have to watch how they transformed a stroller into one of the best vehicles ever.

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