Burglary near UNCC concerns police

Crimestoppers: Thief sneaks into apartment complex

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A burglary next to UNC Charlotte's campus has police concerned. 

It happened right across the street from UNC Charlotte's main entrance. A brand new apartment complex called, The Circle, had just opened.

Three days before Christmas, with new students around, no one noticed a prowler who had just broken into the club house area. From surveillance we can see his face. We can also see he's wearing a black sock on his left hand and a white one on his right.

"Socks on his hands," said CMPD Officer Tori Roddey. "I guess he didn't have time to go by the store to get latex gloves."
But he did have time to push open two glass doors that were cabled together, yet he somehow wiggled and squeezed his way through.

"This guy is definitely a slim guy. He looked like he may weigh 140 at best."

Once inside, he found a large flat-screen television mounted to the wall. He tugged and tugged and tugged, walked away to think about it, then went back and put his back into the job, finally ripping it free.

"A 70-inch LED TV. Pretty high dollar TV. And also he grabbed a couple of laptops, and iPad and an all-in-one-touch PC, so he got off with a pretty big haul."

In case you're wondering-- there was no motion detector alarm-- but police did gather a potential piece of evidence.

"Before he left, he left us a little present—a set of keys. We're not sure if it's his or not. We're doing the investigating on that."

If those were his car keys, how did he haul all those electronics away? He may have had an accomplice.

If you know someone who just came across or is selling a 70-inch TV...call Crime Stoppers at (704) 334-1600 and let police know. You could earn a reward without leaving your name.
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