CMS School Board member Eric Davis wants to learn from Morrison drama

CMS School Board member Eric Davis wants to learn from Morrison drama

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Charlotte-Mecklenburg School (CMS) School Board member Eric Davis has been very vocal about how board members handled the sudden resignation of superintendent Dr. Heath Morrison. Davis even questioned the authority of CMS' General Counsel George Battle III.

Battle conducted the investigation alleging Morrison bullied and harassed staff. Davis even pushed to have a third party look at how the board handled the separation of Morrison. The majority of board members disagree with Davis' opinions.

His actions may have caused a strain on the board, but Davis believes board members must move past the Morrison drama.

"Putting all that aside," Board Member Eric Davis said, "And taking this as a learning opportunity and being willing. And I commit myself to being willing to review statements, decisions that I've made and reflect on that together."

Davis admits that could be a challenge.

"It's easier to say than to do," Davis said. "That's where courage and leadership is required and mutual support in functioning as a team - where we help get through those difficult periods."

The District five school board member says 2014 was a good year for CMS. The district saw an increase in its graduation rate and a boost in test scores then he says things got rough when Morrison resigned. He says in moving forward he will do his part to become a better school board member.

"We do it for the sake of our students," Davis said. "At the end of the day - that's what matters. It matters more than my opinion."

Davis has spoken to Morrison and says this has been challenging for the former superintendent.

"He's thoughtful," Davis said. "He's gracious. He's professional and I wish him the best."

Davis claims through all that has happened, his friendship with Morrison has not interfered with his job as a school board member.

"My relationship with Dr. Morrison has been," Davis said. "And continues to be entirely professional."

During this transition, Davis picked up another responsibility. He is the newest member of the North Carolina State Board or Education. Governor Pat McCrory appointed him. WBTV asked if his new job will interfere with being a CMS school board member.

"My intentions are to continue to serve on both," Davis said. "And reflect on the work load and experiences and ability to contribute, and may make a different decision in the future, but right now I'll continue to serve on both."

The school board may talk about Davis' suggestions about how the district handled Morrison's resignation at a board retreat later in January.

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