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Social media chronicles the chill

Byron Martin's pic Byron Martin's pic
Maegan Worley's pic Maegan Worley's pic
John Edward Muth's pic John Edward Muth's pic
Crystal Blevins pic Crystal Blevins pic
Teresa Cress pic Teresa Cress pic

If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you've probably already seen a few of these pictures.  Maybe you've even posted one.  

The point is that in our society of cellphones and instant notifications, an extraordinary event like very cold weather is the hot topic.

A quick check on Facebook found the pictures included with this story.  Phones showing single digit temperatures accompanied by a witty comment.

Byron Martin's phone showed 8 degrees in Salisbury, Maegen Worley posted a 9 degree pic with the comment "Brrrr."  John Edward Muth posted a 9 degree pic with the note "this is not ok."  Crystal Blevins pic is accompanied by the comment "baby it's COLD outside, bring on spring and summer!"

And Teresa Cress used a little old school technology with her picture of an actual thermometer that appears to show 9 degrees, along with the comment "it's chilly in Granite Quarry this morning, stay warm my friends!"

The coldest weather of the season is also the big topic on more traditional media sources. WSTP radio morning show host Kent Bernhardt quipped "it's so cold that local teenagers are pulling their pants all the way up this morning."

WBTV meteorologist Al Conklin says it just isn't going to warm up much today in Salisbury and the surrounding area, in fact, we won't be above freezing until sometime tomorrow.  So, to use Teresa's words; "stay warm my friends!"

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