A cold weather warning from Rowan Emergency Services

A cold weather warning from Rowan Emergency Services

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - With very cold air now in the piedmont of North Carolina, and specifically Rowan County, Rowan's Emergency Medical Services is out with a warning to help you deal with the cold snap.

An arctic air mass will build across the region today and will persist into Friday. Temperatures through the rest of the work week are forecast to run 10 to 20 degrees below climate normals. In fact, temperatures tonight and Thursday should yield the coldest conditions since the cold wave of last January.

As the case a year ago, the lingering frigid conditions will likely freeze unprotected water pipes, damage undra

ined sprinkler systems, and result in a thin layer of ice on ponds and along stream banks.

Residents and businesses should prepare for possible power outages or brief power disruptions during periods of peak demand. In addition, neighbors may want to check on their more vulnerable neighbors, possibly supplying extra blankets, heaters, or offer a heated shelter. 

Any unheated outside water supply for pets and livestock will freeze and will remain frozen for several days.