Charges for clients of massage parlor allegedly offering sex?

Charges for clients of massage parlor allegedly offering sex?

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Could the clients of a Salisbury massage parlor that police say was offering sexual activity be charged with a crime? Yes, according to investigators and precedent in the state of North Carolina.

On December 31, police raided the Original Hott Pink Therapeutic Massage Spa, Inc., at 420 D Avenue in Salisbury.  An undercover police officer said that women working in that duplex had offered to perform sexual services for a price, and that the price varied from $60 to $160, depending on what service was performed, and how many clothes the women were wearing at the time.

Five women were arrested and charged with offering massage without a license.  But police also said that extensive records were confiscated that included names of clients, what services those clients preferred, and how much money they paid the women.

Now those records could possibly lead to the customers being charged.

Investigators told WBTV that they will comb through the records and client list and present findings to the District Attorney to determine if the case would involve additional charges.

Interestingly, police in Delaware arrested the owner of several massage parlors just over three weeks ago.  Three workers were charged, but five male customers whose names were culled from client lists were cited with patronizing a prostitute or requesting sexual contact in return for a fee.

A federal investigation shut down a Charlotte-based escort service, called Hush Hush, in 2007. The owners were charged, but names on a client list did leak out and at least three clients were charged.

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