Safety and security important when buying the latest technology

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - From the Consumer Electronics Show this year, we'll see all kinds of the greatest gadgets about to hit the market.

However, privacy and safety are important to remember when purchasing these new products.

Cyber Expert Theresa Payton says the technology has the potential to save us time and money and make our lives easier and healthier. They will come in three main categories and Theresa's advice follows:

1. Smarter homes: internet connected lights and appliances, smoke detectors, heating/cooling, locks, it's all been available - but new technology is out that promises to let you control everything and interconnect everything using a smartphone or tablet.

2. Wearables: what you eat, what you do, how warm/cool you are, heart rate, controlling your TV channel, this is all moving to a new level this year. Watches, trackers, clothing will display wearable inserts, sometimes even small screens.

3. Connected car 3.0: self driving cars, parking via a smart watch, controlling car functions using your smart phone, and more


PASSWORDS: strong passwords are key

DEVICE CHECK: make sure the phone or tablet you use is well protected with security software

PRIVACY STATEMENTS: read the privacy statements

EMAIL ADDRESS: do not use the same email tied to social media accounts

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