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Rock Hill Police Officer gets special note and gift under windshield wiper

“Dear police officers, thank you for protecting my community and I,” Rock Hill Captain Mike Bollinger reads from the note left under the windshield wiper of a cruiser last week.

Written on a single piece of paper, carefully placed inside a plastic bag, and left so thoughtfully for the officer to find.  "Without you guys, we the people would live in a dangerous world.”

Captain Bollinger said the note came along with a 10 dollar gas station gift card, but it's value far surpasses that.

“It was just a wonderful letter that really has brightened the spirits of all the police officers, and even with everything here going on in the nation it just makes us feel thanked for what we do,” Bollinger said.

The letter went on to thank the police, and in the handwriting of someone you would think might be too young to understand the letter said ,“I also know that police are through some bad times in the world and that you guys are getting bad publicity but in my world you guys are my heroes.”

It was signed simply, Andy. No last name, but police want to get the message out so maybe Andy or his family will see, they got the message, and they more than appreciate it.

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