Rain + fog = travel troubles

Good morning! It's Christine Nelson on this Christmas Eve! Hope you're day is off to a good start. WBTV News This Morning is on the air now. I wanted you to have a first look at the stories making headlines at this hour.

Weather alert

The forecast continues to call for rain today. That, coupled with fog could cause some travel headaches today. If you'll be on the road, visiting family or running errands, make sure you're watching this morning so you know where and when the heaviest rain will fall in your neighborhood. Plus, WBTV's Ashton Pellom is LIVE at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. We're already seeing a few flight disruptions for people arriving and departing this a.m.

We're learning about the possible motive behind why a Charlotte man is alleged to have shot and killed his 88-year-old mother.

NOW: Firefighters are at the scene of a Charlotte home that caught fire overnight while you were sleeping. They want to make sure no flames flare up again.

We're closely watching updates on former President George H.W. Bush. If you haven't heard, he had to be admitted to the hospital due to shortness of breath.

So much to talk about today. See you on the air!