Find out which new Toyota is perfect for you in 2015!

Find out which new Toyota is perfect for you in 2015!
N Charlotte Toyota cars
N Charlotte Toyota cars

A new year might mean a new ride! If you're looking to switch up your vehicle, our Toyota dealership can help. We have a wide variety of Toyota cars in N Charlotte, which makes it easy for you to find a ride that fits your lifestyle! We know that you have specific needs, so we will try to help you find that perfect new Toyota near Charlotte.

Shopping for a new ride can be scary and stressful, so we're sharing some of the different Toyota cars and categories we have available at our Toyota dealership. Let's take a look atwhat we have to offer!

Get to know the categories of our N Charlotte Toyota cars

We know that everyone has different needs,so finding the perfect ride is very important! Getting into new Toyota that doesn't fityour needs is extremely disheartening. Check out what we have to offer!

Compact cars

If you're in need of a smaller car, you might want to check out our Toyota compact cars. The 2015 Toyota Yaris and the N Charlotte Toyota Corolla are themain members of this category. Did you also know that the new Toyota RAV4 is a member of ourToyota compact cars? While it may belong in this category, there's nothing tiny about thiscompact SUV. Come check them out today!


Here at our Toyota dealership, we understand that there are a lot of drivers who need maximumpower. For those drivers, we suggest they check out our new Toyota trucks in N Charlotte. If you want a more compact ride, the new ToyotaTacoma is the way to go. This Toyota truck is actually the best-selling compact truck in theUnited States! If you need a full-sized truck, the 2015 Toyota Tundra is the answer to yourneeds. This truck is the epitome of power – did you know that it actually towed the spaceshuttle? Pretty amazing, right?

Stylish cars

We may be slightly biased, but we consider all of our new Toyota in N Charlotte to be stylish! Weknow that many people nowadays are looking for sleek and stylish rides, which is why we try tocater to their needs. One of the most stylish rides we offer is the Toyota Camry near Charlotte, which received amajor makeover for the 2015 model year! Another sleek ride we have available is the ToyotaAvalon, which just exudes grace and style. The rugged and luxurious Toyota Land Cruiser isprobably the most luxurious Toyota that we have available, so come check it out!

Our new Toyota are phenomenal rides!

As you can see, it's easy to find theride of your dreams when you pay us a visit. Let us help you drive home happy in a new Toyota!Pay us a visit and our knowledgeable staff will help you with everything that you need! 

Toyota of N Charlotte is located at 13429 Statesville Road, just off I-77 at exit 23. We can bereached at 888-883-3797 if you would like to schedule an appointment or test drive!

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