Fire truck crashes, 4 firefighters escape

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LIVE: An accident involving a Charlotte fire truck left a big mess for one property owner. The truck flipped in south Charlotte and caused a good bit of damage to one homeowner's property. The firefighters inside the truck were able to escape. So what caused all of this?? We'll have more details in a live report from WBTV's Ashton Pellom.

WEIRD! Some UPS delivery workers got sick after two powders were found in the company's trailer in North Charlotte.

We're continuing to get reaction after the horrible and senseless crime in New York, where two police officers were killed in cold blood. Police departments across the country are telling their officers to be on alert and to wear bulletproof vests.

Plus... go Panthers! We have reaction this morning after the Panthers are one game closer to making it into the playoffs! We have reaction from their win over the Browns Sunday!

It's raining outside! We have the most accurate look at the forecast to let you know what to expect in your neighborhood today.

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