Recipe: Champagne Lobster Filet

Chris Burnett of the Monroe Longhorn stopped by WBTV News Sunday Morning to share a recipe inspired by LongHorn Steakhouse's Winter Chef's Showcase menu

Recipe: Champagne Lobster Filet


4 filets Salt Pepper Onion powder Garlic powder 1 pound fresh lobster meat, chopped 2 cups hollandaise sauce 1 cup champagne


Season filets with salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder. Coat grill pan with canola oil and let warm. Once hot, place seasoned filets on the pan. Grill to perfection on both sides. Prep hollandaise per recipe of your choice or use store-bought. Bring to simmer over low-to-medium heat and add champagne while whisking. Warm lobster meat, if chilled. Remove filet from pan, top with portion of lobster meat and finish with portion of champagne hollandaise. Serve and enjoy!

Receive serves four.