"Against all odds" man who wants to donate kidney and recipient find they are a perfect match

"Against all odds" man who wants to donate kidney and recipient find they are a perfect match

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - What are the odds?  Reverend Tim Jones says it is nothing short of miraculous that his kidney is a perfect match for Don Herbert.

We first reported on this story this past Friday, and today we received a joyful email from Pastor Tim.

"I just got a call from Duke University Medical Center and against all odds, I am a perfect match for him receiving my kidney," Jones wrote.  "God is good.  His plan!"

That need and their shared faith has brought these men together.  Their meeting was unlikely.  Don was visiting yard sales with his wife and passed by Pastor Tim's church, Mercy Independent Baptist on the corner of Pump Station Road and West C Street in Kannapolis.

"We were actually doing a fundraiser for our church, we're small, and Don just happened to come by," Jones recalled.

"I wasn't even going to get out of the car, but I heard music coming out of the church so I got out," added Herbert.

The two talked and made an instant connection.  Then Pastor Tim noticed saw something on Don's Facebook page.

"And it basically said they had been to Duke and had gotten some bad news," Jones added.

It was a plea for help from Don's wife, be it in the form of money, or a kidney donation.

"Transplant would be definitely a permanent fix unless you had any complications with rejection," said Herbert, adding that the only other option would be dialysis treatments for four hours every other day.  He said that would end his days on the road as a gospel singer.

Pastor Tim felt a calling.

"I prayed for peace with it and a couple of days later God gave me peace," Jones said.  "I told my wife we're going to do this."

"There's over like 90,000 people in the United States that's waiting on kidney transplants," Herbert noted.

So now they share this journey that began by chance two months ago.  Don is grateful, Pastor Tim is confidant.

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