Mother cries for justice, says her son's murder was "senseless"

Mother cries for justice, says her son's murder was "senseless"

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - It was a brutal murder that went largely ignored in the media, and that upset the mother of the victim.  Angela Christy says attention to her son's case is necessary to see that justice is done.

Stephen Avery Poston, 21, grew up in Rowan County and attended East Rowan High School.

On the night of Friday, November 21, Poston was stabbed multiple times and died at a house where he was attending a get together with friends in the Davie County town of Cooleemee.

“He stabbed my son underneath the heart, several times in the chest, in the back, and he had a gash across his head," Christy said.  "It was so bad we had to put a hat on him for his own funeral.  He was stabbed over and over and over, it wasn't just one.”

Steven Edward McCarter, 37, was charged in the case and is in jail under no bond awaiting trial on the murder charge.

"I'm never going to get to see him grow up, I'm not going to get to see his kids, not going to get to see him get married, he wanted to go into the military," Christy added.   "He's never going to do any of that."

The case was front page news in the Davie County Enterprise Record on November 27, but other than that article, there has been no mention of the case in the media.

"He was a sweet kid," Christy told WBTV.  "He would do anything in the world for anybody.  He was just a good boy.  But my son as murdered. Somebody took his life. That was unnecessary."

But there is an interesting twist to this story that makes Angela Christy wonder if justice will be served.  In 2001 the suspect, Steven McCarter, was charged with murder for shaking his own three month old daughter to death.  Instead of serving 20 years, he pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

"The sentence for that should have been 20 years, he got out in 8.  I believe that if had gotten a stronger sentence my son would still be here," Christy added.

That case was in South Carolina and it was very controversial, leading to talk about toughening punishment for child abuse cases.  Angela Christy is focused on the murder of her son and hopes prosecutors will push ahead.

"I don't want him to ever get out.  He should never see the light of day again," Christy added.

The Cooleemee Police Department investigated Poston's murder.  Chief Bobby West told WBTV that he had at least a dozen witness statements from the night of the murder.  West said his department had done an exhaustive investigation of the case.

The case is set to go before a grand jury in Davie County in January.