75-Year-old woman tricks intruder into leaving her home; then he damages her car

75-Year-old woman tricks intruder into leaving her home; then he damages her car

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A 75-year-old woman, frightened by an intruder who walked into her home while she was alone, managed to trick the man into going back outside, according to a Salisbury police report.

Police say Jeremy Price, 16, walked into the home of a woman living on Stokes Ferry Road.  He went in through an unlocked door and startled the homeowner.

“I had just come back in, closed the door, evidently forgot to lock it and was standing at the kitchen sink and within probably a minute, minute and half, I heard the door open and I thought my daughter was coming in," the woman told WBTV.  “And when I turned around this guy was right in my face. I just froze.  What do you do when you turn around and some guy is in your house?”

The victim noted that Price seemed intoxicated and she managed to get him to go out through the front door after Price mumbled something about looking for someone.

"He looked like he was going to start down the hall and I said wait a minute tell me what his name is, what the man's name is that you're looking for, he said I think his name is Edward," the woman recalled.  "And my mind was just going and I said I gotta get him out of my house and I said oh, you're looking for Edward, Edward lives next door, you're in the wrong house, and he bought it, and I ushered him right out the door."

She says the man left, but that about an hour later, he was back in the backyard.  Then he picked up a shovel and started trying to break into her car.

"There was a shovel behind my house and he was beating my windshields, my car was all scratched up, he was trying to break into my car," the woman added.

Police responded and found Price still in the area.  He was charged with felony breaking and entering and injury to personal property.  Price was jailed under $20,000 bond.

"I think the moral of the story is just stay calm if somebody comes in your house and just don't upset them, get them out of you can," the woman said.  "I was scared, yeah, I was scared of him because I didn't know what he was, why he was here.  I just didn't want to make him mad because I didn't know what he would do."

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