Chester Sheriff's Office gets thousands of dollars in donations

The Chester County Sheriff's Office says private citizens are giving them what the county will not. The community is stepping up to help deputies there in their war against gangs in the area. Sheriff Alex Underwood has vowed to stop gang violence in the county after he says a city councilman was shot to death by alleged gang members.

Kim Desrosiers was shocked by the news of Odell Williams murder, and said her hometown doesn't feel so safe anymore. 
Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood waged a war on gangs, starting with a request to the county council for more money for more deputies and equipment. His request was denied.

One of the greatest needs besides more manpower, the Sheriff's office says many of their deputies are wearing bullet proof vests that are ill-fitting or so old they've long outlived their life-saving capabilities. Kim took it upon herself to hit up facebook with a request. 
"I said, I don't care how you feel about county council or how you feel about the Sheriff, the point is the law officers are out there trying to protect us and if they can't feel safe, how can they make us feel safe," Kim said.

The private donations started pouring in with one business alone forking over $10,000. In all $25,000 has been pledged to go to funding new bullet proof vests for deputies. 
"I never thought in 6 days that we would raise enough money for 25 vests. Like I said in my FB posts, I didn't do this."

Kim says the people of Chester county are the ones who stepped up to make sure the Sheriff's deputies have the equipment they need to stay safe. 

If you'd like more information on how you can help, check out the Facebook group here.

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