Prayer rally ahead of Randall Kerrick court appearance

Prayer rally ahead of Randall Kerrick court appearance

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A small group of people gathered for a prayer rally at Marshall Park, across from the courthouse where Randall Kerrick is expected to appear Thursday afternoon.

Kerrick, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer, is accused of fatally shooting unarmed Jonathan Ferrell ten times during an incident in September of 2013.

The group gathered shortly after 8 a.m. and held a short prayer after a silent protest.

Rory Sheriff says those in attendance are looking to make a difference and have an honest conversation about the Kerrick case. "Here in Charlotte we want to be proactive. We've seen and watched Ferguson. We've seen and watched New York... But Charlotte we want to be proactive we want to be ahead of the ball we don't want to react to any hearing or solutions in courts and that's why we are here."

The group will be reconvening at 1 p.m. outside of the courthouse to hold another rally before Kerrick's hearing.

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