Miss United States hoping to overcome the odds to win Miss World

Miss United States hoping to overcome the odds to win Miss World

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - Kannapolis native and Miss United States Elizabeth Safrit is hoping to beat the odds and take the title of Miss World in the competition going on now in London.

On Wednesday the organization putting on the competition released the "odds" for the contestants.  In a press release sent to WBTV, it shows Safrit with odds of 14-1, and making Miss South Africa the early favorite at 2-1, and Miss China the long shot.

"The United States has won the pageant three times, most recently in 2010, and with this year's entry Elizabeth Safrit at 14-1, they could be set for their fourth title," the release states.

With no offense to Miss South Africa or any of the other worthy contestants, we're pulling for Elizabeth!

The Miss World Pageant 2014          EW 1/5 - 1,2,3

Miss South Africa - Rolene Strauss                 2/1

Miss Russia - Anastasia Kostenko                   8/1

Miss Australia - Courtney Thorpe                   10/1

Miss India - Koyal Rana                                  10/1

Miss France - Flora Coquerel                         12/1

Miss Brazil - Julia Gama                                 14/1

Miss Hungary - Edina Kulcsár                         14/1

Miss USA - Elizabeth Safrit                             14/1

Miss Mexico - Daniela Álvarez                       16/1

Miss Germany - Egzonita Ala                          20/1

Miss Lithuania - Agne Kavaliauskaite              20/1

Miss Montenegro - Nataša Novakovic           20/1

Miss Netherlands - Tatjana Maul                   20/1

Miss Argentina - Yoana Del Carmen Don Marozzi 25/1

Miss Austria - Julia Furdea                             25/1

Miss Colombia - Leandra García                    25/1

Miss England - Carina Tyrrell                         25/1

Miss Guyana - Rafieya Husain                        25/1

Miss Iceland - Tanja Ýr Ástþórsdóttir             25/1

Miss Indonesia - Maria Sastrayu                    25/1

Miss Turkey - Amine Gülse                             25/1

Miss China PR - Du Yang                                33/1 BAR