Sheriff: drunk man headbutts deputy, tells magistrate "you've ruined my (expletive deleted) life"

Sheriff: drunk man headbutts deputy, tells magistrate "you've ruined my (expletive deleted) life"

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A drunk driving call resulted in a minor injury for a Rowan Sheriff's deputy and a "ruined life" for the suspect.

According to the report, Deputy Poole of the Rowan County Sheriff's Office was stopped at a light at the intersection of E. Innes and Main Street in Salisbury on Sunday morning just before 2:30 am, when he saw a car speed by.  The deputy noted that the driver of the car crossed double yellow lines several times within a short distance.

Deputy Poole followed the car into Spencer and pulled over the driver, identified as Jackie Cordale Taylor.

Poole noted that Taylor seemed to have alcohol on his breath, and says Taylor admitting to drinking two beers four hours earlier.

When Poole asked Taylor to submit to a breath test, he noted that Taylor was smoking a cigarette and "attempting to blow the smoke into the device."

Eventually the device did show a reading of .09, according to the report.

Deputy Poole noted that Taylor failed several roadside sobriety tests. According to the report, Taylor was unable to balance on one foot and could not follow instructions for walking heel to toe.

"Mr Taylor became quite agitated with me," the deputy noted.

Poole took Taylor to the Salisbury Police Department for an "observation period," and also to obtain a blood sample. According to the report, that's when Taylor got up to leave and when told to sit down, he replied "I ain't sitting no (expletive deleted) where!" The deputy then physically put Taylor back into the chair.

Poole and Taylor then went to the magistrate's office where they were met by Sgt. Carl Dangerfield. Taylor "began using abusive language towards Sgt. Dangerfield and he stood up from the bench," according to the report.

Magistrate Mark Wilhelm placed Taylor under $500 bond, but when he told him that his license would be revoked for 30 days, Taylor replied "you ruined my (expletive deleted) life!" Taylor then "began to walk around the room telling everyone to get away from him."

Bond was then increased to $1500.

On the way out of the magistrate's office, Taylor was cursing loudly. When told to stop, Taylor "became violent and started headbutting Sgt. Dangerfield, myself, and the door going into the magistrate's office."

Dangerfield received a small cut to the thumb, tacking on a charge of assault on a government official for Taylor.

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