WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Speaking Out for Those Who Can't

WBTV Speak Out Editorial: Speaking Out for Those Who Can't
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Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools…fix the door.

We're talking about this automatic door at Metro School.

It hasn't been working for some time.

And the door is critical.

Now here's why...

Metro School is a facility that serves severely handicapped students.

Most students are in wheelchairs.

So imagine…parents with their hands full…having to open the heavy door to get their wheelchair-bound children inside.

CMS officials say they want the door to remain locked for safety purposes.

Now we get that.

But there should be a way staff can automatically open the door from the inside.

After WBTV News looked into parents' complaints, CMS said the door should be fixed by next month.

Parents also have concerns about the lack of outdoor activities for older students…what they say are broken promises…and the feeling that they are not being heard.

Now, we understand there are two sides to every story.

But these parents should feel that they are an important part of the school…working together with CMS to make things better for their children.

After all, it's all about these special-needs kids…who can't speak for themselves.

That's why they need both groups to be on their side.

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