BBQ Mahi Tacos

Presented by Rob and Maeghan Crenshaw, Cabo Fish Taco

2 6-inch flour tortillas
1oz avocado
1oz mixed cheese
1oz diced tomatoes
4oz Mexi slaw
1oz fish sauce
butter & stock
3-1/2oz mahi chunks
1/4tsp Cabo blackened seasoning
2oz BBQ sauce

On buttered flat top, evenly season mahi.  Using two spatulas, toss and cover, then cook 2 minutes.  Uncover, toss, stock, cover, and cook 2 minutes.  Uncover, shred with spatulas, add BBQ sauce, toss, and cook additional 30 seconds.
Drop 2 six-inch tortillas in oil.  Fry for 15 seconds on each side.  Dry vertical for minimum of 30 seconds in basket over fryer.
Lay both tortillas on taco prep and spread avocado down the center of both.  Add cheese, tomatoes, and top with slaw.


With spatulas, evenly portion BBQ mahi into each set up and finish with white sauce.