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Police: attempted "dine and dash" at Hendrick's BBQ results only in meals from the jail

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A police officer who just happened to be having a meal at Hendrick's BBQ on W. Innes Street may have frightened two young men from an attempt to steal a meal.

According to the police report, two young men came into Hendrick's, then sat down and ordered food.  A Salisbury Police officer then came in and sat near the men.

The officer said that the men then got up and walked out of the front door before their food arrived, then began running.  By this time other officers had been called.  One officer managed to catch Gregory Carlton Pettiford, 23, of Kepley Road, after a short chase on foot as he stopped near Brenner Avenue.

Pettiford told police that he and the other man, identified only as "OP & Q," did not have money to pay for the food they had ordered.

Pettiford was charged with resisting police and defrauding the restaurant.  He was jailed under $1500 bond.

Captain Sheila Lingle told WBTV that the "dine and dash" practice is actually fairly common, and that many times restaurants don't report the crime.

This case was different in that the two were observed by an officer.   

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