Good morning! It is Monday, December 1st, 2014

Good morning! It is Monday, December 1st, 2014. Kristen Miranda here - getting you caught up on what we'll be covering on WBTV News This Morning.

There's been a deadly break-in in Iredell County - and investigators there think this was more than a robbery. Our Mark Davenport is on that story this morning and will bring us a live report.

Did you or any of your family and friends have any trouble catching a flight yesterday? There were significant delays in other parts of the country and security lines so long you'll have to see them to believe them!

With it being the first of December, a slew of new laws go into effect today. We're breaking down which will directly impact you.

The President is calling a special meeting today to talk about the events in Ferguson, MO. We're looking into what the hope is for the outcome of the talks.

It is Cyber Monday. Do you plan to do any shopping online today? We'll tell you why some analysts say it won't be long before another day eclipses Cyber Monday for the most online sales.

And think on this for a minute....DIGITAL Girl Scout cookies. We'll explain what that's all about.

It is sure to be a busy Monday morning - and many of you are back to work and school after the long holiday weekend. Don't worry - we'll get you caught up - and send you out the door with all you need to know for the day.

John Carter is headed into the studio at 4:30am with Chris Larson who is on weather duties today. Brody O'Connell in the Alert Center, Tonya Rivens on Traffic, and I will join them at 5am. See you when you wake up!