Darren Wilson says conscience clear

Good morning! It's Christine Nelson in the WBTV Newsroom right now. Today is Wednesday, November 26. Here is a first look at the stories we're covering on WBTV News This Morning from 4:30-9:00 a.m. on WBTV and Bounce TV.

WATCH: We are finally hearing from the man at the center of the controversy in Ferguson, Missouri. Officer Darren Wilson sits down in a one-on-one interview and we're going to play some of that interview on the air this morning. Meanwhile, protests continued nationwide...including here in Charlotte.

Travel troubles. One day away from the Thanksgiving holiday we're already seeing travel troubles. We are live at Charlotte Douglas International Airport this morning monitoring flights, delays and cancellations. You'll want to tune in if you're traveling over the next couple of days. The snow in the northeast could trickle down and delay other flights. We are already hearing from some travelers who say they have been delayed.

Speaking of snow, it's about to fall from the sky in the mountain counties. We are there live and letting you know about the weather advisories in the area.

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