Daughter charged with neglecting elderly mother after stroke

Daughter charged with neglecting elderly mother after stroke
(Source: Rowan County Sheriff's Office)
(Source: Rowan County Sheriff's Office)

SALISBURY, NC (WBTV) - A Salisbury woman has been charged with the neglect of her own mother after the woman suffered a stroke but did not receive care for several days, according to police.

"I didn't do anything," Manie Fleming told WBTV.  "That's the God honest truth."

Manie Marie Fleming, 420 Best Street, was picked up by police on Tuesday morning and booked into the jail around 11:30 am.  She is charged with one count of abusing a disabled elderly person.  Bond is set at $10,000.

According to police, Fleming's 77-year-old mother suffered a stroke on Saturday, but no help was called for until Monday.  When the elderly woman arrived at the hospital, emergency workers noticed other injuries consistent with neglect, so they contacted police.

On her way to jail Tuesday morning, Fleming told WBTV that she did not do anything wrong and that she was not responsible for the woman's injuries.

“I didn't do them injuries, the type of injuries that she got a person cannot inflict that on her," Fleming added.

At Rowan County's Department of Social Services, Adult Protective Services Social Worker Katina Troutman says her job in protecting the elderly from abuse is a calling.

"It's a passion, it's a drive, and it's to make sure that people are safe all the time," Troutman told WBTV.

While not specifically discussing the Fleming case, TroTroutmanys such cases are fairly common, and that unless someone who suspects abuse or neglect calls DSS, the situation only gets worse.

"It doesn't discriminate on who can call our office to make a report.  The most important thing is to call in and let us take it from there."

Troutman says there is a process that is followed, visits are made and reports filed.  If abuse and neglect are suspected, action is taken immediately.  She added that DSS can help caregivers who feel overwhelmed with the burden of responsibility for a loved one.

"They can reach out to the individuals primary care doctor, they can also reach out to the local DSS and call into our intake line and have a conversation with the social worker that's on intake so we can guide them through the process of them not being overwhelmed or feeling like it's too much, and possibly getting them assistance in the home," Troutman added.

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