Smoked Turkey From Your Oven

Presented by Chef Kris Suita, Carowinds


Kosher Salt                           2 cups

Brown Sugar                        1 cup

Oregano, dried                     ¼ cup

Basil, dried                            ¼ cup

Thyme, dried                       ¼ cup

Sage, dried                            ¼ cup

Black pepper                        2 Tlb

Garlic, granulated                2 Tlb

Lemon juice                          ¼ cup

Worcestershire sauce         ¼ cup

Water                                    2 gallons

For smoking

Wood chips                          4 cups

Apple cider                           2 cups


Onion                                    2 large

Apple                                     2 large

Pomegranate                         1 each

Turkey  , thawed                 10 – 12 pound


Combine all brine ingredients with 1 gallon of water in stock pot. Heat until salt is dissolved. Add second gallon of water to cool down.

Place turkey into large plastic bag(3 gallon Ziploc or trash compacter bag) and then into a cooler lined with ice. Pour cooled brine over turkey, close the bag and leave in cooler for 24-36 hours(make sure the cooler stays cold, add ice around bag when needed).

Soak the wood chips in apple juice for 24 hrs. Drain them and place them on an aluminum foil lined pan.

Remove the turkey from the brine, place in a roasting pan atop of the onion, apple and pomegranate that have been quartered. Place into a 325° oven uncovered.

To get the wood chips started, use may use a blow torch and begin burning from the top or place atop of your range with the pan and heat until wood chips begin to smoke. Place into bottom rack of your oven.

Smoke your turkey until the internal temperature reaches 160°. It should take 2-3 hours.

Remove turkey and let rest covered for 20 mins, Enjoy.