NOW: Temps in the teens

Good morning, it's Christine Nelson. I'm all bundled up at my desk in the WBTV Newsroom trying to thaw. :) We've been telling you for days there would be a big cold snap this morning. It's was 19 degrees when I got in to work this morning! Watch WBTV News This Morning right now for the most accurate look at this morning's we're following these headlines:

Warming centers - It's dangerously cold outside if you don't have the means to be inside a warm building. We're on your side with where people can go to seek shelter. Plus, ironically on one of the coldest mornings this fall, we're following some local college students who are spending the night IN the cold. Why are they doing it?? WBTV's Mark Davenport has their story.

DEVELOPING OVERNIGHT: Same sex weddings could begin in South Carolina this early as 8:30 this morning! We have the details on why.

Plus...what if you kept seeing cars ignoring the stop signs and speed limit in your neighborhood? We'll tell you where in Charlotte people say drivers are causing a serious safety hazard.

What happens when breaking news comes in during the newscast? WBTV's Kristen Miranda is live in the Alert Center, breaking those stories as they hit the wires.

Join me, John Carter, Al Conklin, Kristen and Chris Larson right now on air!