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Three students take sawed off shotgun into store, charges likely

(David Whisenant | WBTV) (David Whisenant | WBTV)

Police say it was a frightening incident that could have turned into a tragedy after three middle school boys carried a sawed off shotgun into a local convenience store. Had it not been for the quick action of the clerk, the boys may have tried to rob the store.

According to the report, the three walked into the M & L Mini Stop, 1126 N. Main Street, on Saturday just after 2:00 pm.

The clerk noticed that they were carrying a large book bag. They went to the back of the store and got down behind one of the shelves. The clerk walked to the back to see what they were doing, thinking that they may have been stuffing the book bag with items.

The clerk grabbed the book bag and discovered a loaded .410 sawed off shotgun. The clerk told the boys that he was calling the police and for them not to move. One of the boys began crying, according to the report.

Two other boys ran from the store. One got away on foot and the other boy left on a bicycle.

Police have been able to use video clips from the store's surveillance camera and believe they have an idea of who the boys are. All three will face charges as juveniles, according to police.

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