Free app offers employees financial assistance

Free app to help employees

CareConnect USA of Waxhaw has released a free mobile app to help employees needing financial assistance.

"Trusted Helplines" connects users with government agencies, legal center and non-profit outreach groups.

App users have free access to reputable experts in these categories:

*Child Support Collection

*Rent Assistance

*Mortgage Assistance

*Bankruptcy Advice

*Day Care Expense Assistance

*Debt Relief

*Tax Relief

*Student Loan Relief

*Collection Agency Complaints

*Elder Care Resources

*ID Theft Recovery

*Smoker's Quit Line

*Gambler's Helpline

*Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The National Director of CareConnect USA, David Moakler, stopped by WBTV News Sunday Morning to share information on the free app.

For more information or to download, visit or App Stores.

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