Charges filed against student wearing mask and waving knife at West Rowan Middle School

Charges filed against student wearing mask and waving knife at West Rowan Middle School

Police have filed charges against a West Rowan Middle School student arrested last week for waving a butcher knife at school while wearing a clown mask.

The unnamed juvenile is charged with possession of a weapon on school property, going armed in terror of the public, assault with a deadly weapon, and communicating threats.

The school resource officer, Dep. Danny Lindley, met with juvenile services Wednesday to secure the new charges. Rowan County Sheriff's Office Capt. John Sifford said the assault charge was lodged because the student pointed the knife at a teacher.

According to deputies, the 14-year-old boy terrorized students in the lunchroom about 8 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 4 and students were screaming and running from the lunchroom to get away. Lindley found the boy waving a 12-inch butcher knife and wearing a clown mask. The officer asked the student to drop the weapon but said he continued to wave it in his right hand.

Deputy Lindley said he had to hit the student in the forearm three times with a baton to get him to drop the knife. He then put the boy in handcuffs.

Police say they later found another butcher knife in the student's book bag.

The school says they did not go on lockdown because the threat was quickly eliminated. No other students or staff members were injured during the incident.

The student, who is described as a white male, was to be evaluated by mental health personnel after some of the statements he made to the officer and school staff. Officials have not said what those statements were or what type of treatment the boy may require.

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