SIM missionary monitored for Ebola in Charlotte

A SIM missionary being monitored in Charlotte for Ebola has not tested positive for the virus.
As a precaution the patient is being evaluated for signs or symptoms. 

Sources tell WBTV the missionary left Liberia and arrived Saturday in Atlanta.
The person then traveled by private car to Charlotte.
In a Statement the Mecklenburg Health Department said the "individual had close contact in households, healthcare facilities, and community settings with a person with Ebola while the person was infectious."

Back in August, Charlotte missionary Nancy Writebol was also working with SIM when she came down with the disease.
Nancy was quarantined in Liberia.
She was later flown to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta on August 5th. 
Over the last four months SIM quarantined about 10 people in Charlotte who returned from West Africa.
The missionaries and their families stayed at the SIM campus under a 21 day watch.
Eventually the missionaries were declared healthy and released.
In October, the Mecklenburg Health Department said it's monitoring a few people in the Charlotte area who recently arrived from West Africa.
Mecklenburg County Health Director Stephen Keener says those being monitored have not shown any signs of having the virus.